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They say what you’re thinking

You just won’t say it out loud lol

Awesome pod!

Great hosts and really interesting topics!

So black! So unfiltered!

I usually put this on while I’m driving Lyft. I like to look in the rear view mirror when I have white passengers and see their face. They usually look appalled or lost 😂😂😂

One word: dope💯🎯

This podcast was sooo cool 😎! The hosts kept it real at all times! The conversations are sooo raw that I felt like I knew them for ever! It was sooo entertaining!

Love it!!

Super amazing podcast with the best host!! Highly highly recommended!!

A hidden gem

These brothers are highly entertaining! The fact that they added in the music from underground artist gave the show a new vibe definitely can’t wait to see what the future holds for B&U!