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May 12, 2022

Uneasy Is The Head The Wears The Crown.......Lessons...........

Whats Good Crew,

It's only right for me to drop the first Blog entry on the site....first and foremost welcome to The Official Website of Black & Unfiltered Entertainment. I personally wanna thank everyone who has supported B&U Ent from the start and the ones who watch but don't support lol I still got love for ya. From its creation B&U has helped me grow in so many ways that I did not think possible....if you would have told me when this was first started that it would have led me down the path we are currently going I probably would not of believed you. We are over a year in with 89 episodes and have become a legit LLC with management even tho we still got a long way to go I am very proud of the progress we have made.....but I can't say its been an easy journey having to navigate this as a business owner has been one of the toughest task I have faced. See when you have 9 other personalities to work with things sometimes can get hectic.....more like chaotic.....or madness.......or a headache......"ya'll get the damn point" SHIT GET STRESSFUL DAMMIT!......Now do not get me wrong I love the crew but my position def ain't for the faint of heart I myself do not even know how 89 podcast episodes have been pumped out shit is fucking amazing niggas was working lmao if I do say so myself I ain't even counted all the music interviews or business spotlights. Funny thing I'm always getting asked is it hard to start a podcast and I'm like nahhhhh.....the Podcasting part is the easy part like you would think that would be the most difficult thing but no lol nah for me personally its trying to navigate the business side of things its ALOT on top of that standing firm on decisions that I make based on the business aspect of it which sometimes crew members wont agree with the decision but it comes with the territory I guess...."I get a headache thinking about it....." look I'll be honest this business side to this is fucking scary....gotta worry about your leadership being doubted....learning the business side and the importance of a paper trail for protection......when I'm really just wanting to put out quality, relatable content I wish shit was that simple honestly........"Hence The Title"

Tazz B. Out